Sunday, August 17, 2008

Home Updates

We've had a rather productive weekend when it comes to our house. We spent Friday evening finishing our Crate and Barrel registry. I spent all day Saturday doing laundry, putting new bed linens on our bed, unpacking and washing all of our Crate and Barrel stuff, grocery shopping, and cooking a delicious meal in our kitchen.

Our new bed that we bought just a week or so before our wedding along with our new bed linens:

The meal we cooked together - chicken lettuce wraps. They were a new recipe, something we will DEFINITELY be eating again in our house:
And while we're at it, here's a good shot of our new dining room furniture. We got our table for a great deal the same time we bought our bed, and just got our chairs from Ikea a little over a week ago:

And today Kyle was able to put up the curtains that go in our dining/living room. My sister Amy made them as a shower present and they look perfect in our house. She also made curtains for many other windows in our house, and as we get them up I'll post pictures:

We not only did house work this weekend, but I had a very social Sunday. I was able to eat lunch with Kate and Katie, two really good friends from college. It was the first time I had seen Katie since she left for Bosnia a year ago on a year-long mission trip. It was so exciting to catch up and I'm ready for her to live back in Atlanta. Unfortunately it also meant saying goodbye to Kate, who is leaving for architecture grad school in Cincinnati in a month.

After lunch and hanging out with the two of them, Kyle and I headed to a barbecue cookout on the river by two of our good friends, Jen and Jared. It was fun to just relax outside before we had to come back and get busy. I had studying to do and Kyle had work to do this evening.

Another good weekend come and gone....

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kiwi said...

ohhh your house looks like it's really coming together! you should post the lettuce wrap recipe :)